Music Therapy Services

Our Focus

Jammin’ Jenn Music Therapy prides itself on offering a range of services to a very narrow population. We are highly specialized in so far that our practice focuses exclusively on special needs individuals – children and adults. No matter the affliction, we work in the areas of socialization, behavior, cognition, motor skills, perception, self-expression, and expressive and receptive language. This is where our experience is. This is what we are great at. We cannot do great work if we are the jack of all trades.

We do not offer family music lessons, we do not offer mommy and me music classes, and we do not conduct birthday parties. We are not entertainers and we are not performers. Does this sound serious? Well….it is!

But…don’t be mislead. Our therapists generate loads of fun, recreation, and joy. It’s just that our direction is narrow and it is for a reason. We truly believe that specialization means expertise. When you are looking for an outstanding practitioner in their respective field, you look for one that is specialized, right? The best knee surgeons ONLY do knees. That’s our thinking.

Our owner, founder, and chief music therapist- Jennifer Pacht-Goodman’s 18 years of experience is exclusively in the area of special needs. Our team of music therapists’ dominant experience is in special needs as well. This is what we know – and we know it well.

Our Services

Individual Music Therapy:

In our Watchung, NJ studio, at the Pediatric Wellness Network in Cherry Hill, NJ (Marlton), or we come to your home.

Music therapy takes on a very important dimension in a one-on-one setting. The undivided attention of our music therapists allows for focus exclusively on the individual’s invariably unique set of strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. The real time adaptations in the session are without distraction from or consideration of others. Skill focus is individualized and adjustments for progress can be more specifically fine-tuned.

Music Therapy in your home:
Our staff conduct music therapy home sessions in most areas of New Jersey as well as three boroughs of NY, (Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island). Please contact us if therapy in your home is of interest to you and we will do our absolute best to make it happen.

Group Music Therapy

Our staff of music therapists can come to any location to conduct group sessions.

The dynamic of a group music therapy session can offer incredible benefits to special needs individuals. The awareness of others enlivens those present as they see and sense the energy and enthusiasm of others. The positive transformation from music takes place yet is also enhanced by togetherness. Often those with special needs, particularly those with Autism, have deficits in socialization in general. In the group setting, the building of socialization skills is emphasized.

At Jammin’ Jenn Music Therapy we have specific parameters for an environment conducive to productive and successful group sessions where progress and value is always the aim. Focus is the key. We accomplish this through group sizing and making sure that individuals present are of similar profiles. In a Jammin’ Jenn group session, it is crucial for us to be able to focus on each person. The parameters we set for group work has brought us great success here. The individual is focused, and the group is collectively focused, un-distracted, and engaged. Once again, our group sessions emphasize areas of socialization. We build skills in peer awareness, turn taking, attending behavior, and increased eye contact. In addition to group and socialization skills, individuals can also make gains in gross and fine motor skills, auditory processing, vocalizations, and receptive and expressive language.

Jammin’ Jenn Special Needs Chorus:

The Jammin’ Jenn chorus is such a great way for an individual with special needs to feel part of a group or a team. This can be a situation seldom experienced for special needs people. Besides peer awareness, Jammin’ Jenn music therapists purposely choose songs with positive messages, so that students can learn the song, but then have a meaningful discussion about the lyrics and meanings of the songs. Many times individuals are not cognitively high enough to “comprehend” the song lyrics. However, for a person like that, the “group” experience allows for building of self-esteem, and to feel a part of a special group in addition to building group and socialization skills. Rehearsals are scheduled with the ultimate goal of a performance for parents, relatives, and loved ones – and what a performance it is!

Where?: Jammin’ Jenn Music Therapy conducts group music therapy sessions in most areas of New Jersey as well as three boroughs of NY, (Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island).

Our programs can be found in educational settings, religious locations or municipal locations, in homes, or the location of a non-profit or charitable organization. Contact us to let us know where your groups are and we can arrange to have a Jammin’ Jenn staff therapist there.

Please contact us to schedule an individual or group music therapy session. We will do our best to be as flexible and accommodating as possible according to your schedule and location.

We look forward to hearing from you!