Music Therapists

Please meet the team at Jammin’ Jenn Music Therapy!

music therapist jennifer goodman

Jennifer Pacht – Goodman

Owner/Founder Jammin’ Jenn Music Therapy
CMT-MA/ABA Therapist

Founder and Owner of Jammin’ Jenn Music Therapy for Children, Jennifer Pacht – Goodman is a Certified Music Therapist in Watchung, New Jersey. She was Educated at The Boston Conservatory of Music and holds a Masters Degree in Music Therapy from NYU. She has performed all over the world as a singer and actress, but now devotes her professional life to enhancing the lives of children with special needs. Jenn is a seasoned music therapist having practiced for 18 years. At Jammin’ Jenn Music Therapy she is chief music therapist and oversees and supervises all music therapy programs carried out by her practice. Jenn is married to her husband and business partner. She has two wonderful kids Zachary 18, and Carly 14. She resides in Somerset County, New Jersey.

music therapist amanda pelletier

Amanda Pelletier

MA, MT-BC, Board Certified Music Therapist

Amanda graduated from University of Connecticut with a Bachelors in music, Minor in Psychology, and also received her Masters in Music Therapy from Montclair State University. She currently resides in Montclair, NJ. Amanda plays clarinet, guitar, and piano; and thoroughly enjoys using these instruments to evoke powerful music experiences with groups as well as individuals throughout New Jersey. Music has always been a passion for Amanda, and she is incredibly thankful for the opportunity to musically connect with children on a daily basis!


Bobby Davis

MT-BC, Board Certified Music Therapist

Bobby is a board certified music therapist graduating from Temple University with a Bachelors in music therapy with a focus on jazz saxophone. Bobby has worked with many developmentally disabled adults and children in a variety of settings across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. As a lover of music, his goal is to bring the joy and benefits of music to all Jammin’ Jenn clients. Bobby is a multi-instrumentalist and splits his time between conducting music therapy sessions and performing on saxophone, flute, and guitar. Bobby is excited to join the Jammin’ Jenn team as he is looking forward to bringing his energy and love for working with special needs individuals to the organization in the Cherry Hill/Southwest region of NJ.


Jamison Fox

MT-BC, Board Certified Music Therapist

Jamison graduated with a degree in Music Education (K-12) with a concentration in trumpet from The College of New Jersey in 2013. In addition to being a music educator and singer-songwriter, she is also is a Board Certified Music Therapist, completing her internship at Mount Sinai Beth Israel. Jamison is in the process of finishing her masters thesis in music therapy at Montclair State University and is currently a high school special education music teacher, residing in Little Falls, NJ. Jamison has always loved working with children and is very excited to bring her passion and dedication to the Jammin Jen team!


Hadassa Zytman

MT-BC, Board Certified Music Therapist

Hadassa graduated with a bachelors degree in Music Therapy from Montclair State University, and is a Board Certified Music Therapist. Hadassa also holds a bachelors degree in Behavioral Science from Mercy College in Brooklyn, NY. Hadassa has experience working with children of all abilities, and is passionate about using music as a means to connect to each child on their individual level. Hadassa also has experience working as a music therapist for adults and geriatrics that are on Hospice services. Hadassa is proficient on guitar, piano, and voice, and hopes to conquer many more instruments in the near future! Hadassa is excited to be working with the Jammin’ Jenn team, and to provide the gift of music for all of the Jammin’ Jenn clients.

middlesex nj music therapist

Melinda Bass O’Neill

MT-BC, Board Certified Music Therapist

Melinda is thrilled to be a part of the Jammin Jenn music therapy team. She will be completing her master’s degree in music therapy at Montclair State University in the spring of 2018. She recently completed her music therapy internship at Matheny Medical and Educational Center where she worked with both children and adults with intellectual disabilities as well as physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy spina bifida, and lesch-nyhan syndrome. Other music therapy experiences include working with children with developmental disabilities at the Ben Samuel’s Children Center, working with adults at Gen Psych Rehabilitation Center, and working with older adults with dementia as Runnel’s specialized hospital. Melinda has several years of experience teaching private vocal and piano lessons, music directing, and she earned a BFA in musical theater from Ithaca College. This degree led her to performing across the country in various musical theater productions, Broadway national tours, and Off-Broadway productions. Melinda is also a mom to a wonderful 3-year-old daughter.



MT-BC, Board Certified Music Therapist

Andrew has his Masters Degree in Music Therapy and is a Board Certified Music Therapist. He has worked with children and adolescents with special needs, in musical capacities and otherwise, for the past twelve of his thirty years, and is very excited to be a part of the Jammin’ Jenn team. Andrew additionally works at Academy360 Lower School as a paraprofessional, and is also an accomplished songwriter, guitarist, and frequent participant of the local music community in and around his hometowns of Ridgewood and Montclair, New Jersey.

Haley Teicher

Haley graduated with a degree in Music Therapy with a concentration in voice from Montclair State University and interned at Waveny LifeCare Network in New Canaan, Connecticut. Haley is experienced in guitar, ukulele, piano and voice and has been involved in many different musicals and professional choirs. She has worked with kids for many years in many different capacities, including music therapy.  Haley is so excited to be working with Jammin Jenn Music Therapy and can’t wait to continue to provide fun, beneficial, and progress oriented musical experiences to all Jammin’ Jenn clients!

Sara Saperstein

MT-BC, Board Certified Music Therapist

Sara is a board certified music therapist who has received her Bachelors of Arts degree in Music Therapy from Montclair State University. Sara’s primary instrument is percussion but is proficient in voice, guitar, and piano.  Sara completed her internship working with children and adolescents with developmental disabilities at United Community Options in Miami, Florida. She has facilitated individual and group music therapy sessions, as well as provided classroom support and behavior management. She also has experience working with adults with various developmental disabilities at all levels of functionality, Cerebral palsy, and adults with psychiatric disorders. She has given adaptive guitar and piano lessons, and directed a small children’s choir. Sara is thrilled to share her love of music and be a part of the Jammin Jenn Family!