Capture the Power of Music

Capture the Power of Music


Adult Services - DDD Approved

Jammin Jenn Music Therapy is thrilled to service over 80 adult clients virtually throughout the state of New Jersey. Our staff provides highly adaptive, goal-orientated, and fun sessions with these individuals, which in turn creates meaningful relationships. 

Jammin Jenn Music Therapy is an approved DDD provider. We focus on music to assist individuals of any kind that are feeling held back and where Music Therapy can benefit. We also work with many individuals with disabilities. Our clients with disabilities can range from needing high support to needing low support.

Our sessions with our DDD adults are scheduled and allotted for 60 minutes.  Sessions will be abbreviated if therapeutically appropriate.  Currently our sessions with all of our DDD funded adult clients are conducted virtually/remotely via zoom. Sessions are at least weekly but can be and are commonly multiple times per week. We conduct sessions Monday-Saturday from early in the morning to early evening. 

We are happy to provide a complimentary 30-minute trial session to any adult that would like to give us a try. 

For more information or to set up a complimentary session, please contact our Adult Services Coordinator.

Amanda Marain



“My son Billy has blossomed from the work he has done with Miss Amanda. Recently, during a trip to the zoo I noticed he had very good posture, he seemed much more alert and observant. I also noted my non-verbal son was much more communicative. When I asked if he’d like pizza he responded “uh-huh!”. The improvements I’m seeing in Billy are wonderful and I do credit it to Music Therapy. Miss Amanda has been a blessing!”

We would highly recommend Jammin’ Jenn music therapy for individuals who have difficulty with speech and communication. Board Certified Music Therapist Melinda Bass O’Neill has done an excellent job of assisting Michael with his confidence in engaging in conversation and enjoys the time he spends with Melinda. He looks forward to singing and playing his drums every Friday with Melinda.

I’m so glad I joined Jammin Jenn. I enjoy my music sessions with Melinda! We always pick out songs that I like and that she likes to sing. She is a fantastic music therapist, and I want to continue my music sessions with Melinda for as long as I can.

My son started Jammin Jenn about 2 years ago. At first he was so shy but after a few sessions he became more confident in his singing. Melinda really captured my son's attention for music! He looks forward to his music sessions every week. He wishes he could have music every day . Melinda is an excellent music therapist!!!!!

My son looks forward to his “jam” sessions every week since they first started. Andrew has a wonderful demeanor with my son that is very supportive. He has taken the goals we discussed and has creatively run with them. It has worked out great for my son to continue to grow as a musician. Andrew has been helping him generalize many musical concepts. It has been exciting to hear my son learning more about collaboration with another musician. Andrew has worked with my son better understand the meaning of a song by helping him with comprehension of lyrics. They also discussed the emotional aspects of lyrics and the tones of music. My son has opened up more to Andrew, in trying to verbally communicate more to him. He has been a great sounding board for him as he prepares for an upcoming performance. The sessions have been very beneficial and we feel like we are just getting started!

We are now offering "Tele-Jam" music therapy sessions conducted
remotely via online platforms like Zoom or Facetime.

Please contact us for a complimentary trial

Amanda Marain – Adult Services Coordinator