Since 2009, Jammin’ Jenn Music Therapy and our staff of Board-Certified Music Therapists have been providing individual and group music therapy services, available to any child or adult facing challenges or feeling held back for any reason at all.

Our practice services many individuals with special needs ranging from severely disabled to very high functioning. We are a DDD provider for adults with self-directed budgets. In addition, our music therapy programs are conducted at more than 20 schools in New Jersey, public and private as well as therapy centers, community-based centers, and other various locations.

Our Music Therapy Mission

  • Capture the power of music to help any individual rise to their potential.
  • Deliver music therapy with passion, skill, and experience.
  • Conduct not good, not great, but outstanding music therapy.
  • Show every individual and their family that we work with our sincere interest in their well-being and best interest.

Our Sessions – Our Approach

Our practice utilizes music as a tool to engage any and individual feeling inhibited or held back from their potential including those who are developmentally disabled or with special needs. Music is often a key that opens a door. A connection is formed. We then leverage this connection and resultant positive transformation as an opportunity to develop and enhance quality of life, needed skills, and to reinforce learning. Music Therapy is a powerful, non-threatening tool used to build upon an individual’s innate strengths, while gently guiding the individual/group to a beneficial and productive experience resulting in progress and enjoyment. It uses instrumental play, singing, and socialization to embark upon a stimulating and creative musical journey. Our approach leverages music to improve and focus on non-musical skills. Sessions are highly adaptive to an individual’s unique circumstance or functionality. In Jammin’ Jenn sessions, musical activities are custom designed to promote specific cognitive, motor, perceptual, communication, and behavioral goals that address each person and an overall wonderful experience.

Nourish the Quality of Their Lives

Jammin’ Jenn Music Therapists’ aim is to provide a unique opportunity for any individual, including those with autism and other special needs to embark upon a stimulating and creative musical journey. Progress is made resulting in more rewarding interpersonal relationships and experiences. Jammin’ Jenn Music Therapists combine multi-faceted training and a sincere sensitivity for individual and group needs.

Areas of Focus

Some but not all goals we set toward progress are in the areas of speech/communication, socialization/behavior, cognition, self-esteem, & self-expression.

Please look around our site and get to know our work. We love what we do and are inspired every day by these fantastic individuals. Our dedication is not only to the individuals, those that are unleashed by the power of music. Contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Jammin’ Jenn Conducts Group Music Therapy Demo at
Autism Speaks Walk – Metlife Stadium

Music Therapy for Autism
Group Music Therapy for Autism
Group Music Therapy for Autism Speaks

Photos Courtesy of Bright Light Studios Photography. www.blstudios.net

Jammin’ Jenn Conducts a Group Music Therapy Demo at
Autism Family Services Beach Bash in Belmar, N.J.