About Us

Our Practice

Jammin’ Jenn Music Therapy, founded by Jennifer Pacht-Goodman in 2009 began its quest to provide music therapy to any and all types of children through the power of music. Quickly, our practice expanded to the the adult population. In recent years, our practice became and still is an approved DDD provider servicing many adults with self-directed DDD budgets.

Our practice currently conducts dozens of individual and group music therapy sessions weekly. Our services are provided to more than 20 schools in the state of NJ – public and private. We service therapy (speech & ABA) and mental health centers, as well as community-based organizations. The Jammin’ Jenn music therapy studio is located in Watchung, NJ (Somerset County). In addition, we travel to homes to conduct music therapy throughout the state of NJ.

The Covid Pandemic brought to light the value of music therapy conducted virtually via platforms such as Zoom and Facetime. Now are sessions can be brought to individuals in the far corners of New Jersey, different parts of the country and world!

The Team

The staff of music therapists at Jammin’ Jenn Music Therapy is a very special bunch. They are all highly credentialed at a bare minimum with a degree or advanced degree in music therapy. In-addition staff are board certified or sitting for the boards

As a requirement to work for Jammin’ Jenn, our music therapists must play the guitar very well. The guitar is the dominant instrument in our practice as it perhaps one of the most dynamic instruments allowing for the greatest flexibility and adaptation in our music therapy sessions. The guitar also affords mobility in a session – the ability to move around and adjust to the physicality and movement of an individual receiving therapy. Piano is a mandatory second instrument. And, of course they must sing well. Some of our clients have expressive language delays and/or a lack of verbal communication. As a result voice/singing is used extensively in our sessions facilitating a ‘voice’ for the client.

The Difference

Yes, Jammin’ Jenn therapists are educated, credentialed, trained, experienced, and great musicians. But that is not why they are outstanding therapists. What makes our staff special is their energy and passion. When you work with us our authenticity shines. Our clients tell us this is what makes us special. For sure we bring skill to those we work with. But then, we conduct therapy with incomparable energy and determination for not good, not great, but outstanding results. The extra mile we go is in how much we sincerely care about the best interest of the family and the individual being treated. Please! – visit our testimonials page and view what our clients are saying about us and our work. We are also glad to make references available for schools, individual, or group therapy. Please contact us for references.