Summer Camp for Kids with Special Needs

summer camp for kids with special needs

Jammin Jenn would like to help spread the word about an amazing Camp for kids with Special needs. We have provided Music Therapy for Camp PAL for several years and have a long standing relationship with them. The camp (Camp PAL – Play and Learn)is run by Creative Speech Solutions, LLC (CSS) and is based on the philosophy that ALL children deserve a traditional summer- time experience, but not at the expense of missed opportunities for essential therapy or needed support. Camp PAL offers the perfect mix of summer- time camp fun and therapeutic intervention!

Over the past few years CSS realized not only the unbelievable need for a camp like this, but also the remarkable benefits it has for children with special needs. At Camp PAL, traditional summer activities such as sports, arts and crafts, music and games provide an array of opportunities to expand children’s communication, social and educational skills. Children participate in small group activities that focus on fun, skill acquisition and positive group dynamics. This unique camp offers goal- directed activities that provide each child with endless opportunities to grow, socialize, explore and develop new skills with just the right amount of structured support. Language, social and sensory activities are infused into each component of the camp day with the ultimate goal being to teach the children to transfer these skills to other real life situations.

Registration is now open and groups are forming. Summer is right around the corner so don’t delay!