Capture the Power of Music

Capture the Power of Music


Children Services

Individual Music Therapy sessions with children can take place in one of the two places.

  • Watchung, NJ Jammin Jenn Music Therapy Studio
  • In your home (most areas of New Jersey)


Music Therapy takes on a very important dimension in a one-on-one setting. The undivided attention of our Music Therapists allows for focus exclusively on the individual’s invariably unique set of strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. The real time adaptations in the sessions are without distraction from or consideration of others. Skill focus is individualized and adjustments for progress can be more specifically fine-tuned.


“Jammin’ Jenn is an important component of our therapy program for our son Jonathan, who has Autism. He has been making excellent progress, and we know a large part of that due to Jenn. She is an unsurpassed music therapist, with a very unique ability to reach a child where other therapists might fail as she is able to tap into each child’s personal strength to help make them successful. Music Therapy with Jammin’ Jenn has made a huge impact on our son. Jenn has been working with Jon for close to 8 years and their lessons continue to evolve. Jenn can joke and play when needed, be directive and firm when warranted, but all the while focusing on helping him learn and stay in the moment. She’s even teaching him how to play piano! When we watch Jon and Jenn together, it is easy to see the positive effect she has on him. He is always excited and happy to go to her sessions, and he loves to sing with her. She helps him to improve his attention and focus, and that improvement carries on even outside the therapy session. His attention is improved, because he focuses and concentrates to learn the songs. His speech is improved, because he wants to sing the words of the songs correctly. His ability to listen and follow directions is improved, because he wants to follow along with her. His ability to express emotions is improved, because he learns from the songs. His ability to learn is improved, because he likes to learn the songs. He exercises his creativity, because they have composed songs together during their sessions. We feel extremely fortunate to have Jammin’ Jenn as a key part of our son’s treatment. She is unsurpassed in her ability to use music as a universal medium to reach our kids. We can’t recommend her highly enough.”

“When you have a child with autism that wants to take a class, its not always that easy to find or a good fit. My son Ryan who has autism wanted to take piano lessons just like his brother and sister were doing once a week. Unfortunately, I knew that Ryan’s behaviors would not work well at the piano school that my other two children attended. A good friend of mine told me about Jammin’ Jenn and how her two children were going for Music Therapy sessions with her and it might work for my son as well. My first conversation with Jammin’ Jenn was hopeful. Jenn encouraged me to come for a session to see if her and Ryan were a fit, and they were! It’s been about 2 years now and my son just loves his time with Jammin’ Jenn. He has grown so much and in so many ways attending music therapy sessions with Jenn. He is more tolerant of making mistakes and calmer overall. He loves music and dancing now around the house and it’s a way for him to connect with his siblings. Jammin’ Jenn has given us a gift that I can never repay. A gift of music for my son and too many skills for me to list here!!! I will be forever grateful to Jammin’ Jenn for giving my son a chance!”

“Paul has been with the Jammin’ Jenn team since he was 3 years old! He is now 11. What started as a fun and therapeutic after school activity became an unexpected discovery of Paul’s hidden talents! These talents were developed and nurtured by Jenn! With the help of music therapy, Paul’s quiet and timid personality was transformed into a vibrant and quite verbal one! I’ve often said that music makes Paulie come alive! Although Jenn was not the primary therapist working with Paul as the years went on, his transition to other Jammin’ Jenn therapists was flawless. Jenn oversaw a plan for Paul and developed new goals in conjunction with his new therapist! After 8 great years with the Jammin’ Jenn practice Paul has moved on. He thrived in music therapy. We can look back and see that much of the fantastic progress has made has been attributable to his work in music therapy. We are truly blessed to have been part of the Jammin’ Jenn family! “

“When I think of Ms. Jenn, one word comes to mind – Belief. Belief that autism does not define my kids. Belief that my kids are capable of anything. Belief that with hard work anything is possible And the belief in the power of music. No matter what the day is like for my kids, when they step into Jenn’s studio automatically they are focused and ready to sing. With her engaging and enthusiastic methods, words flow out easily.”

“We love you! Daniel is speaking so much more since we started music therapy with you. My wife is starting to relax a little bit now too. All fingers point to music therapy and it connecting something in his brain. Daniel will be 3 in January and I think we have finally heard his voice for the first time this week! So glad you were recommended to us. We have enjoyed seeing how Daniel interacts with Jammin’ Jenn therapist, Miss Amanda. She is a wonderful attribute to your team. She is patient and kind and she really loves what she’s doing and it shows. We are so thankful I would write it across the sky if I could and yes it would be our honor to endorse Jammin’ Jenn and Co. “

“My son began working with Jenn several years ago. His weekly therapy have allowed him to increase his breath capacity, increase his processing time, improve his memory, and develop a creative thought process all while doing his favorite things—singing and creating music. Jenn’s creative approach to a myriad of therapeutic skill development is what makes her unique and my child to experience successes. We are also thrilled to discover our son has a real talent for music. We may have never known it existed were it not for using music therapy as a treatment.”

We are now offering "Tele-Jam" music therapy sessions conducted
remotely via online platforms like Zoom or Facetime.

Please contact us for a complimentary trial

Amanda Marain – Adult Services Coordinator