Capture the Power of Music

Capture the Power of Music


I grew up singing the songs from Annie, A Chorus Line and Barbara Streisand, etc. That was my love, my passion. People always ask me what made me leave performing to do Music Therapy. My answer is that I just knew that my talent was not meant for the stage 8 shows a week. It was not an easy thing to walk away from my life in the theatre and don’t get me wrong; I loved traveling all over the world and singing, but something was missing. It took me years to figure out what was missing but after many years working as a Music Therapist I finally know what it was. It was a confidence, a confidence in my talent as a singer and the insecurity was just too much to handle. My confidence as a Music Therapist is as high as it can be. As far as singing goes, I am the voice of so many of my clients. There is no producer or director telling me my note was not great, or I missed a dance step. I run my own show and I know that what I do works. I know that when a family comes in for services I can evaluate not only what is going on with the child but the family dynamic. I am able to assess very early on what the child and the family need from me as their therapist. I care, bottom line, it is just my nature to take it all in and try to improve the quality of the families life with Music Therapy. There is absolutely no insecurity on my end, because I say it as I see it.
Being that I have been in the field for over 13 years, I have seen it all. I have seen the most severe autistic child to the highest functioning; and even though there were times were I may have been uncertain about how to treat a particular case that might have been more challenging, I never lost confidence, never thought I cannot help this family. It feels great to be able to say that after years of tears, frustration, and rejection from my theatre world stint. I am in the right place. I am the star of my own show and I don’t need any applause.
Jammin Jenn

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Amanda Marain – Adult Services Coordinator